Our clients use Fabcraft Foundry because they can rely on us to deliver their tooling castings on time, to budget and without issues in quality or supply; we work closely with them to ensure this happens.

Precision castings

Our processes are particularly helpful to the product designer who needs minimal draft angles on wall sections – down to 3mm with tolerances of plus or minus 300µm.

We work with product designers, startups and established manufacturers alike, and our flexible approach enables us to manufacture batch quantities from a single impression up to thousands. We are able to maintain difficult tolerances and intricate designs with superior surface finishes.

All material used by Fabcraft Foundry conforms to the relevant British Standards:

  • BS1490(1988) and EN1676,1996 for aluminium (LM4,LM6,LM25,LM27,L99,L169)
  • BS1400 for bronze (PB1,PB2,LG1,LG2,AB1,AB2,HTB1,HTB2,HCC,CRCU)

Fabcraft Foundry has installed a new induction furnace with a capacity of 500kg, able to melt cast iron, steel and bronze. This represents an investment of £120,000 in serving our customers ever better, and the furnace will provide even cleaner melting and shorter lead times.

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